Sports Betting

The art of betting on sports is long established in the history of sports. This is especially true within the United States. It was once that all bets would be placed with a bookie however with the emergence of the internet many people have chosen to place bets through online bookmakers or sportsbooks.

CEINT is focused on assisting players with their gambling entertainment online. This is the reason that we have added an easy to read table below that has a number of sportsbooks. Each of those you see below will allow players to place bets on their favourite sports. Each will also offer a nice welcome bonus that you can use to help increase your bankroll. The table below includes valuable information about the bonus, how you can claim it and we have also included a review for each of the sportsbooks you see below as a way to help you see the value that they have to offer. Our reviews include an overall history of the sportsbook, the quality of the software, type of promotions and other important aspects that you need to know.

If you have ever invested time looking at the many sportsbooks online you most likely thought to yourself “How I am supposed to know which is trustable”. That is why a website like ours is important to you as we use our experience and knowledge and have detailed information about each sportsbook. We know who operate professionally and who is trustable. This is a critical part of the experience you gain when you place bets online as it ensures that the odds they post are fair and that your winnings will be paid to you promptly. You will find each sportsbook we list is established and have stellar reputations. They operate to the highest standards and have invested the time to build relationships with their customers. It is only then that will consider listing them here.

Sports Betting Sites USA Free Bonus
Deposit Bonus
Bonus Codes Play Now
Bovada Yes $0
Bodog No $0
Sportsbook Yes $0

The Right Choice
Many sportsbooks will offer additionally forms of betting. This can include casino games, lottery and others but sports are their main focus for the most part. Even though they will offer other promotions the odds are that most will place a wager on a sporting event. You will find many other promotions offered in this case will special bonuses that will put more money in your pocket no matter what the outcome of your bets may be. Remember that when taking a promotions offer to always understand the terms of that promotion. There is usually terms that must be met and should you fail to meet those terms you may forfeit the right to claim your bonus or may jeopardise your ability to withdraw winnings as a result. Those we list have fair terms but it is still advisable to verify prior to accepting any promotion.

Maximise your bonus
Most deposit promotions will have a maximum amount that you are able to claim. This is often something many people fail to pay attention to but should. The reasons are rather simple as the greater your bonus in size, the larger your bankroll is for wagering. If you are accepting a free bet you should realize that often there will be limitations on the amount that you can cashout should your bets be winners. This is often $100 or less but that is still $100 in free money for you to play with. Always check the terms, understand them and you are then better prepared to set about a game plan to win the maximum amount.

Remember that if the maximum bonus is $100 and the maximum deposit amount is $1000 in order to receive the $100, if you deposit $2000, you still will only receive $100 for a bonus. So in cases like this it is not ideal to deposit $2000 as you will not gain any extra bonus monies as a result.

Minimum Deposit Amount
All sportsbooks will set a minimum amount that you must deposit. It is important that you understand the minimums. Some will set their minimum deposits as low as $20 where others will set them higher. This will pertain to regular deposits but also to some bonuses as well. Always take the time to read and understand those minimums. Some bonuses will also require that a minimum bet be placed in order to qualify for the bonus therefore if that amount is higher than what you intended to wager you may wish to sign up at another sportsbook.

Often, a bonus for sportsbooks that is valued at 100% will require a larger deposit. It is not at all uncommon to see this amount be $500 or more, so you must be willing to deposit that amount to qualify for that bonus. There are many sports betting sites with lower deposit limits and this is why we have constructed our table to reflect a broad range to meet the budgets of all our guests.