Gambling FAQ

Below you will find a list of questions that often get asked of us. Our goal is for you to have the most information possible to assist you in your online gaming endeavors, therefore we put together the most commonly asked questions and provided you with the answers to those questions. These relate to online gambling in general, bonuses and no deposit bonuses.

Q: When playing with a casino online, is there a time limit for playing the games?
A: Not at all, the casinos will give you all the time you need to enjoy the games. There will be a time limit applied only if you have entered a game and do not place any wagers. In that case you will be disconnected from that game but this will not affect your balance. It is done only for reasons relating to security.

Q: When I win at the casino, must I pay taxes on my winnings?
A: The answer to this is relevant to the area to which you live. If your country taxes gambling winnings then by law you will be required to claim those winnings and pay the applicable taxes. The casino will not subtract the taxes from your winnings and it is then up to you to pay the taxes if you so choose.

Q: Is it safe to provide casinos with my personal information?
A: Yes, when you register at a casino online they will ask you for your personal information as a way to verify your identity and to ensure you are of the legal age to gamble. This is important for you to provide accurate information as most casinos will require you provide proof of identity when processing your first withdrawal. If inaccurate information is entered and does not match the proof of identity provided then your winnings will not be paid to you.
This is done in order for the casino to comply with regulatory requirements as outlined by the licenses they have been granted by various licensing bodies.

Q: I attempted to make a deposit using a credit card but this was rejected. I received a message stating that my financial institution does not allow for online gaming transactions Am I able to request my bank allow these types of transactions?
A: No, if you bank has chosen to block transactions with online betting sites then there is little you can do in the regard. Most banks today refuse to process these types of transactions in order to prevent the possibility of fraudulent activity. If this is the case then we would recommend you using one of the many web wallets that will allow for credit card deposits. You can then deposit with the casino using the web wallet.

Q: If I live in the United States, is it legal for me to make deposits with online casinos. Are casinos able to know the country where I reside?
A: Online casinos are able to see the geographical location that you are accessing the casino from. If this is from a country that is restricted then you will not be able to register nor deposit. There are many casinos that allow players within the United States to play. These are generally identified by sites like ours to help save you time.

Q: Are online casino games random or do casinos fix the games?
A: Online casinos do not fix their games. The overwhelming majority use licensed software. The games all use a random number generator in order to determine game results. The casinos have no ability to change or affect the results of the random number generating software.

Q: Am I able to view the results of my game play?
A: Most online casino software will allow for players to review the results of their game play. This shows the games you played, the wagers you placed and the results. It will allow you to see your overall winning percentage. This is generally in the high nineties percentile with that being based across all games offered at the casino.

Q: I noticed with a bonus that there is something called “wagering requirements” What exactly is this?
A: Wagering requirements are the amount of times that you must wager your deposit and any bonus monies you received as a result of your deposit. Wagering requirements are applied by the casino as the bonus monies being given are free money. In order to maintain a fair standard the casino requires you to meet those requirements. Once completed you are free to withdraw your winnings. In most cases, when not taking a bonus there will not be any wagering requirements applied to your deposit.

Q: How is it that a casino can afford to give bonuses?
A: A casino bonus is much like any other type of promotion most business will offer to promote their business. A casino does this as a form of marketing with the hopes of earning your business long term.

Q: When playing a card game, are the cards shuffled at the beginning of each hand played?
A: Yes, each game played will see the cards shuffled before being dealt.

Q: I’ve read it is legal and easy to count cards online. Is this true?
A: No, counting cards online is near impossible. This is due to the fact each hand is shuffled before being dealt. There are plenty of online articles claiming to have the secret but generally these are false claims and should be avoided no matter how attractive they appear.

Q: Can I withdraw any amount I win or am I limited to the amount I am permitted to withdraw?
A: The answer to this really comes down to the casino you are playing with. Some will limit maximum withdrawal limits per week whereas others will not. To know exact limits you will need to refer to the individual casino under their cashier section.
Any progressive jackpot wins however will be paid in full. This is a requirement of the software companies that license the software as all progressive game bets contribute to the jackpot and those funds are held by the software companies.